MAL’s Current Response to Outbreak of COVID-19:

To our valued clients,

On behalf of all of us at Media Arts Lawyers, we hope this message finds you safe and well.

In light of current developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to inform you of the actions we are taking in regards to the continuity of our business and our efforts to support our clients, employees and the wider community. At this point in time, NO Media Arts Lawyers staff member has been directly affected by COVID-19 or have suffered or are suffering any symptoms linked to COVID-19.

However, in preparation for the potential disruption our business may face from this constantly evolving situation, we have implemented a number of procedures to: (i) reduce the impact to our day-to-day business operations; (ii) ensure we can continue to assist and advise our clients in relation to their business and legal needs; and (iii) keep our employees and the wider community safe.

Effective immediately we have put the following procedures in place:

1. An updated health & safety policy has been implemented requiring all Media Arts Lawyers employees to take additional care and precautions in respect of their own and all other employees health and safety whilst at work in an attempt to minimise the potential spread of COVID-19;

2. If an employee suspects that they, or a person they reside with, has COVID-19 or are otherwise showing any symptoms of COVID-19, such employee will self-quarantine and work from their home until either: (i) a healthcare provider examines the employee and confirms that they do not have COVID-19, or (ii) a healthcare provider diagnoses the employee with COVID-19 and thereafter clears them to return to the office; and

3. All non-essential business travel has been halted.

We have taken the decision to ensure the safety of our employees and clients to require that all employees work from home for a specified period. The current working from home period is with effect from close of business on March 16th 2020 until close of business on March 20th 2020. We will be assessing the need to extend the requirement for employees to work from home prior to the end of the current period and will provide an update.

As a business that operates throughout the world, we are accustomed to working from many locations and timezones and accordingly we do not foresee any direct impact at this stage to our working capabilities and capacity. Further, our existing secure cloud-based technology, together with the procedures we have implemented, aim to ensure we can continue working throughout this uncertain time with minimal disruption via email, phone, video conference and other remote access and communication tools.

We of course note the potential disruption and uncertainty you may be facing with your business and existing contractual arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately to discuss any current concerns around your ongoing business operations and needs – we are here to assist as needed and where we can.

If you, or someone you know, works in music or entertainment and needs someone to talk to, the Support Act team are available 24/7. Support Act Wellbeing Helpline – 1800 959 500.

Warm regards,
David Vodicka, Stephen King and Julian Hewitt
Partners, Media Arts Lawyers