Games Week

Composers, sound art innovators and industry pros in games and music came together over the weekend for High Score 2019: Composition and Sound Art for Gaming: SOLD OUT. The two-day sold out event was packed out with expert talks, workshops and networking with some of Australia’s best in gaming music. On Saturday, our very own Yasmin Naghavi sat on the ‘AMA Quiz the Experts’ panel and discussed all things gaming business with other industry pros including Alex Aniel (Brave World Productions), David Nash (Native Tongue), Kirsty Stead (Winterman and Goldstein) and Aarti Desai (Creative Vic).
Below are Yasmin’s top five take-aways from the day!

1. Be authentic;
2. Get your works out into the world (either by yourself or the team you build around you);
3. Understand which rights to keep and which ones are okay to give away;
4. Meet lots of people and build relationships (you never know where an opportunity may arise);
5. Create, create, create!